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20 LED Solar Motion Sensor Wall Light

Don’t live in the dark when you can light up your life with this solar lamp!


No pull wire, easy to install, just screw the product on the wall.

When people pass the range of induction, the light will automatically become strong, when people leave the range of induction, the light will automatically become weak.

Solar outdoor lights, the use of the sun’s energy for your evening lighting.

Turn on and off the light during the day is not bright, only open the switch in the dark, weak light will automatically open, when the sensor detects the human body can get high-brightness light, no one has been weak light.

LED light sensor, sensing range of 5 meters 120 degrees sensor angle.

IP64 Waterproof, heat resistant solar light for most types of weather.

Solar outdoor lights illuminate your garden, courtyard, aisle, porch, courtyard or driveway.


Solar Panel: DC5.5V/0.6W 17% efficiency

Shell color: Black

Material: ABS

Battery Type: 3.7V 1200mAh Rechargeable

LED Quantity: 20 LEDs

Protection class: IP64

Sensing Range: 5m

Sensing Angle: 120°

Night sensor:<10Lux Delay Time: 10s Switch: ON/ Auto Lumens: 130lm Size approx: 102 * 53 * 130mm