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Simmer ring can transfer heat evenly to the pot or pan, rather than focusing on overheating an area,
Avoids Scorching and Boiling Over.

Effectively isolate the contact between the open flame and the pot body, prevent blackening and scratching the pot body, and extend the service life of the pot.

Save Stove Gas & Heat Preservation

The heat conduction plate can easily eliminate unnecessary hot spots, uniformly absorb and diffuse heat, thereby improving energy efficiency.

It has good heat storage performance, you can turn off the fire in advance, and use the residual heat of the heat transfer plate to continue heat preservation.

Safety Handle
The adapter plate is durable and sturdy; longer handle keeps hands safely away from heat; wipe clean or hand wash in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly.

Iron heat diffuser induction hob pans; removable handle for compact for storage.

Wide Application

Applicable small pot type. The heat-conducting plate is suitable for small pot type, the main purpose is to heat milk, porridge, and other small pots that can be heated in a short time.