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Color: skin tone
Specification: 4 stickers
Size: 7.62*4cm
Advantages: Silicone scar removal tablets are made of safe, non-toxic, high-quality 100% medical grade silicone. This non-toxic formula is completely safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

1. You can reuse these silicone scar removal tables again and again, so you don’t need to repurchase many scar removal products. They are odorless, harmless, non-toxic and comfortable. Each piece of paper can be cleaned and reused for up to 2 weeks for proper cleaning and maintenance.
2. Please replace it every 1-2 weeks or when the viscosity drops
3. Start using it for 2 to 8 hours every day. After slowly adapting, time will slowly increase. After the skin adapts, it is best to use it for more than 20 hours a day. Tear off once a day, check and wash the skin before use, wash and dry
4. It can also be cut into appropriate size to ensure that it is at least 1cm away from the edge of the wound
Shelf life: 3 years