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High-quality material:
Made from food-grade silicone and is not only dishwasher-safe and better for your cooking, but it s better for the planet as well! This silicone liner is made from bpa-free, heat resistant non-toxic materials. It is also durable and highly resistant to damage and degradation caused by extreme temperatures up to 220 degrees celsius.

Reusable money saver?
Protect your air fryer or pressure cooker from scratches and more. Perfect replacement for parchment paper, foil and outdated metal liners. The product has a non-stick surface. It doesn t harden, crack, or peel over time, like plastic. It also has a lightweight, easy-to-store, space-saving design. Use, re-use and store.

Cooks perfect every time:
They use a perforated design to offer optimal airflow for equal heat distribution and can be used as trivets for steamers or air fryers with baskets. These air fryer liners are compatible with most off the shelf air fryers available today. The liners can easily be cut to fit to size if needed.