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Windshield wipers can only do so much…
See what you’ve been missing! Like an umbrella for your windshield!


RainBrella repels all visual obstructions
Helps Keep Windshield Clean
Rain Repellent, Snow Repellent and so much more!

Quick, easy and effective using the simple steps below:

Use window cleaner to clean glass prior to application
Apply in circular motion using Wipe-It
Wait 5 minutes, buff off with microfiber cloth
Repeat process using existing Wipe-It for a 2nd Coat
Treatment is fully cured in 10 minutes
Tip: Refold Wipe-It to maintain saturation
Kit contains enough to cover 2 windshields

Multiple uses including:

Side Windows
Rear Windows
Side Mirrors
Exterior Windows
Sliding Glass Doors