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Enjoy Fun and Convenience from our pocket blanket Our pocket blanket is ultra-lightweight and compact, it takes little space and you can feel free to take it with you anywhere for many outdoor or indoor activities. Great choice for multi-use With our high quality, water-repellent and puncture resistant pocket blanket, you have no need to sit on the ground or on the grass. Protect you against dirt, sand, insects, twigs and small rocks. With our pocket blanket, you can use it in beach, park, camping, hiking, stadium, festival, yoga, fishing, vacation, sports, or used as rain cover, car seat cover or picnic table cover. Save time and convenient Forget about carrying heavy mat, with our pocket blanket, you can save the space in your travel or beach bag, also you can easily shake the sand off and it dries in minutes.

No more sandy towels or mats to wash. The pouch is attached to the blanket, so you don’t have to worry that you may lose the pouch and you will find it easy to pack the blanket. Save time and brings you great convenience.

Expand Size:1.4m*1.5m (160g)
packing size: 9*15*4cm
Package 1 * pocket blanket 1 * attached pouch