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Neck-contouring micro-bead filled pillow will contour to the shape of your neck, shoulder and give you maximum comfort and added support.

Travel in comfort with the vibrating neck massage pillow that gently massages your neck and shoulders with the press of a button. Perfect for Home, Travel, in your Car Auto Minivan especially on long trips with kids in the back, so that they can relax in comfort while travelling.

U shaped pillow filled with microbeads contours to the various neck, shoulder shapes easily and comfortably to keep your neck and head rested in the comfort
Soft, cushy and fluffy makes it great for travel in your car, auto, minivan, RV.

Use it as a regular travel pillow all the time or turn it on to use the pillow as a vibrating neck massage pillow when you need to massage your neck and shoulders
Great for Travel on Planes, Cars, Autos, Minivans, RV’s and Trucks.