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Are you tired with office jobs every day – all day?

Have you got pain in your neck and shoulders after a long day of facing the computer?

This Neck & Shoulder massager provides an invigorating massage to relieve the pain on your neck, shoulders, back, lumbar, leg and buttock.

A powerful, full body massage tool in the form of a portable electric machine!

Massage of Neck and Shoulder

The new design, exquisite curve design, tightly massages every position.

Unique way of Kneading Massage

Give up the traditional massage and have a deep massage on the neck, 4 massage heads knead and massages – massage upward or downward.

Lets you feel relaxed.

The Unique Warm Function

Warm feeling while it effectively massaging you.

Equipped with external adapter and you can use it by 12V vehicle power supply, so you can enjoy massages on the go!

Product Description:

• Improve the quality of sleep. Massage can make the body relax, eliminate fatigue and relieve pressure. It also can improve sleep quality.
• Improve body function. Massage can promote blood circulation for the body to provide adequate nutrients, improve lymph detoxification
• Massage can improve gastrointestina function. Help digestion; relieve constipation and other gastrointestinal adverse


• Offers a soothing massage, it reaches deep into muscle fibers to release tension, stress and even pain.
• Changes directions automatically during massaging which gives you a good kneading massage experience.

function – Offers relaxing warmth to relax muscles and relieves your fatigue.
• Suitable for car, home and office use – it has AC adapter and car charger.
• Two belts with hollow design, so your hands can go through when you massage your neck or back. You can also exert additional force to adjust the degree of massage.
• Product Name: Massager of neck kneading
• Rated Voltage: DC12V
• Rated Power: 24W
• Rated Frequency: 50HZ