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Durable: Our wall-mounted adhesive hooks are made of PP material, which is waterproof and moisture-proof, strong, and durable. It can also be installed in the shower room and will not fall easily.
Foldable Design: Our multifunctional hook is designed with a foldable style to help you organize your clutter. It can be deformed and stored, saving you more space and understanding you better.
Large load-bearing Capacity: The strong adhesive on the back of these wall-mounted towel rack hooks can make it stick firmly to the wall, and it is not easy to slip off. It can bear 5KG weight, allowing you to organize and store more debris.
More storage: This multifunctional bathroom rack hook can be attached to the kitchen without punching. The multi-hook style allows you to store more kitchen utensils.
Simple to Operate: These non-punching wall-mounted towel rack hooks can be directly attached to the bedside of the bedroom, making it convenient for you to organize things. It can help you solve the trouble of nowhere to put your phone when charging