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This spray is suitable for women, students and for all people who are afraid of being attacked (also suitable for dog attacks). In order not to be more afraid of someone hurting us or hurting the people we care about, this mignon format of personal defense has been created, narrowing down to just 9 cm. height, compact, easy to use and with 20 sprinkled anti-assaults, it is easy to place it in a bag, in the pocket of the jacket, as a key ring thanks to the carabiner with which it is equipped. The spray is of immediate use thanks to a safe self-unlocking, the characteristics of this spray are: conical jet, throw over 4 meters, 20ml liquid quantity. cylindrical shape, height 9 cm. diameter of the base 2 cm.

This spray is a product based on natural (oil extracted from the distillation of red pepper), oleoresin capsicum in a percentage of 10% effective and safe: it annoys the upper respiratory tract and the eyes, causing transient effects, not harmful or toxic to health . It does not cause temporary or permanent lesions, to the detriment of the person, the spray once used, it causes the aggressor for about 20-25 minutes closing the eyes and the partial closing of the respiratory tract, thus giving us time to escape and / or call for help. Use in self-defense only in case of need. Avoid improper use or play against people and animals. Produced in Germany by the American company Hoffmanns.

Technical features:

Body material: green military aluminum canister

Content: 20 ml. of (oil extracted from the distillation of red pepper)

Range of action: 4 meters

Height: 9.5 cm.

Diameter: 2 cm.

Weight: 35 gr.