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Brings you the best comfort!

High-velocity noise reduction motor, with high power, low noise, and low vibration; using a high-power motor, brings strong surging power; high-velocity impact, relieve muscle pain after exercise.


Wide Applications: Less likely to get hot, better shockproof, can Easily be put into a handbag or pocket, Making it more convenient for you to carry, at home, office, travel at any time can be used.

Best Gift: massage tool deep tissue is small but powerful, it provides 8 different velocities, effectively combing muscle fascia, promoting blood and lymphatic return, awakening body’s energy, helping users to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, women can be used to slim small stomach, thighs, etc. Ideal for elderly, athletes, women to lose weight and fat, long-term bedridden, and other groups.

Silent structure: it has a superb heat dissipation function that allows it to run for a long time without stopping due to overheating.


Material: ABS

Colour: black

Size: 180x160mm

Voltage: 110-240V

Using time: 90 min

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