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– Material : Polyamide Fabric
– UV Protection
– The Lets Slim Sleeve over is a Product that is Suitable to Warm and Cool Climate Conditions.
– It is made of Durable Nylon and Spandex Fabric that could fit most Individuals.
– It is a Unisex Product Suitable for both Men and Women and Youth of most ages as it is Stretchable.
– Washes Easily and Dries Quickly.
– An Ideal Product for Sportsman and Sportswoman and People who Frequent the Outdoors.
– The design boasts Seamless Stitching and a Flexible knit Structure.

Suitable for golf , Basketball , Baseball ,Softball ,Cricket ,Running, Joggers, Cross-Country Runners Marathon , Weightlifters , Athletes , Cyclists , Motorcyclists , Gym Workouts, Cross Training , Fishing , Tennis , Hiking/ Trekking , Volleyball, Racquetball , Truck Drivers , Driving to work , those out in the sun , any Activities Where you need to cool your arms, Boost Muscle Performance, and Speed Recovery.

Breathable Stretch Fabric Which Allows Air Circulation.

What’s in the box
1 x Pair Arm Sleeves