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Ice cream tray can be used to make instant ice cream tray for sorbet, ice cream or frozen yogurt machine. Be creative and use this stone cold ice cream maker to make ice cream components for fried cream or part of DIY sticky rice ice cream kit. This rolling ice cream machine can also be used as a cold dish to keep dishes fresh in hot weather.

The method of use is very simple. Put the magic ice cream pot maker in the refrigerator to cool down. When you are ready, pour the mixture into the ice cream roll maker and stir. Serve to your liking.

A freezer pan will make several batches, then just wipe off the freezer and start over.

Making ice cream by yourself is healthier, and only adjust the ingredients according to any dietary requirements, such as no dairy products, gluten, vegetarian food or food allergies. Avoid adding food preservatives and color additives to ice cream purchased in stores.

It has many uses. Use your creativity. You can try classic ice cream, ice cream, dairy-free substitutes, frozen yogurt, slush, ooze, frozen margarita, and more!

It has no electrical parts or moving parts, but it can help you refrigerate food that needs to be frozen.

Store in the refrigerator and cupboard like a small homemade ice cream maker.

– Material: Food grade stainless steel + ABS appearance + PP ice shovel.
– Size: 26213.2cm (
– Weight: 1160g.
– Color: White + Silver.

Size may be a little deviation due to manual measurement.
Different displays show the same picture may be slightly differences.

What’s in the box
1 x Fried ice machine.
2 x Fried ice shovel.
1 x Instruction manual.