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Flynova Pro boomerang spinner with endless tricks. [Multiple flight modes] No complicated operations required, turn on the top switch and lightly press the flying ball to fly as desired. Different flight directions are created at different throwing angles (umerang effect, transmission, suspension).

LED colourful lights: After the hover ball has been activated, the LED lights continuously change the colour, so you can fly at night while radiating brilliant and colourful light and shadow as well as cool and interesting effects.

Portable charging design: flying ball built-in lithium-ion polymer battery, fast charging speed, charging via USB cable takes only 25 minutes, flight time 8-10 minutes, with LED display, flashing indicates that the fly ball needs to be charged, the charging end indicator goes off automatically, you can use the included USB charging cable to connect to mobile power supply, laptops, mobile phone adapters and car chargers.

[Durable and Safe Design] Non-toxic, high quality ABS material, spherical design, protective case to prevent the propeller from harming children. Robust grip, fall and collision protection while sanitize-blight reduction of impact, reducing the risk of damage and prolonging the service life.

Fun toy: This drone flight ball is lightweight and flexible, easy to carry and has an exquisite outer packaging that can bring endless fun to adults and children. It can also be used as a Christmas and birthday gift for children. It does not require a large area and no space. It is easy to play and can be used for various parties and activities.