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Fast extinguisher speed,high efficiency,continuous orintermittent spraying.
Can be kept in the bottle holder of your automobile easily, shelves can also be fixed on the walls of automobiles, homes and offices using the stand provided along with the container.
Helpful in training to handle during emergency situations. Children should be trained thoroughly and strictly under adult supervision.
Applicable to The extinguishments of initial fires caused by oil flammable liquids, solid organices, gas and electric equipment.
Ideal equipment for use in car, offices, school, hotels, restaurant, etc.

This products is portable and environmentaly friendly
Use in vehicle, ship, home, hotel, shopping mall, ideal fire extinguisher.
No flammable, no explosives ,it’s very convenient to take and operate.
Mini Fire Extinguisher Car Home Dual Use
Highly portable.
Convenient and safe
Type Care : Foam
Simple structure
Ideal for home, auto and marine use

Size: 500ml