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We combine a hair straightener with a brush. This digital hair straightener brush will replace your traditional flat iron straightener and at the same time will give you a head massage while straightening your hair.

We set our hair straightener brush with precise temperature to guarantee an ideal result without problem. The brush temperature will have a constant maximum temperature of 450? and we set a constant temperature at 365?
For all types of hair but you can also customize it at 410? for natural texture hair and finally if you have thick and really wavy hair the setting is at 450?

If you do a moisturizing and hydrating of your hair and use some oil treatment you must set up the brush less than 125? and you will have the result you wish.

Our hair straightener has multifunction anti-static, anti-scald and anti-hair broken. Thanks to our straightener you will solve your hair knotting problem, reduce the pain and repair your broken hair and you will enjoy a head massage.