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Experience hours of fun and excitement with this toy that is fit to keep everyone happy.

Compared with other bubble machines, this Fun Bubble Blowing Camera is lighter and can generate many bubbles, which is very suitable for children to play on the lawn or in the yard. It can be easily carried even when traveling outdoors, without causing your burden, so that children can enjoy the fun of the camera bubble machine outdoors.

Products Features:
– The Fun Bubble Blowing Camera features a cartoon pattern with LED and music providing more fun for your kids, and with a shoulder strap is easy for your kids to carry with you.
– If you press the shutter button on the camera, bubbles will come out one after another with light and a pleasant sound!
– Installed a battery to use

– If accidentally let the bubble fluid into your eyes, simply rinse your eyes with water.
– Do not pour too much bubble water into the bubble bottle at one time to avoid leakage.

What’s in the box
1 x Fun Bubble Blowing Camera
1 x Bubble fluid