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Simply put the ready-to-use and Stainless Steel ice cubes in the freezer and then chill your drinks.
Then wash and place back in the freezer to use again. A must-have ideal for parties, Braais, or any drink at any time.
It’s easy to use, as long as you keep the rocks in the freezer for 4-5 hours, the gel in the ice will solidify.
Stylish and luxurious appearance can make it a luxurious gift for your families and friends. Perfect Gifts for most holidays.

Product Features:
– Unique gift for spirit drinkers, great for whiskey, vodka, bourbon, liqueurs, white wine, and more at any gift-giving occasion
– Cool your favorite drinks without diluting
– Won’t scratch your glassware
– Won’t alter the flavor of your drink
– Dishwasher safe
– Non-toxic coolant
– Stainless Steel
– Rust resistant

Product Specifications:
– Cube dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5cm
– Package Weight; 200g
– Material: High-quality Stainless steel + Refrigerant
– Color: Silver