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Silicone Better Sponge:
– The Better Sponge is a kitchen sponge that contains thousands of little silicone bristles that will work to remove almost any type of dirt off virtually any type of dish.
– This sponge comes in three different types and shades, including a purple square shape, a green round shape and an oval shape in orange.
– It is bendable and flexible.
– It is so gentle that it will not leave scratches; you can use it in almost any dish regardless of how odd-shaped or dedicate that dish might be.

– Made of flexible and durable silicone
– 3,000 tiny silicone fingers work to loosen and clean stuck on grim
– Nonabrasive and gentle so it never stretches
– Strong enough to clean up tough, baked-on foods
– Bends and flexes to get deep inside glasses and corners
– Bacteria and mildew resistant
– Versatile design can also be used as a heat resistant pot holder, non-slip for stubborn lids, removing pet hair from furniture and more
– Easily rinses clean and is also dishwasher safe
– Built-in suction cup lets you hang in your sink for quick drying

Package includes:
– 3x Silicone Better Sponge