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This product can be used as a hook to hang bags, water bottles, umbrellas, etc.


The maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 25kg. At the same time, it can also be used as a mobile phone holder to help you free your hands.

You just need to push this product into the gap between the car pillow and the car seat and it can be completely hidden without taking up space in the back seat.

It is universally used in a variety of models and is compatible with mobile phones size from 4.0-6.5 inches.

The structure of this product is stable, objects will not fall during emergency braking, and it can easily deal with various bumpy roads.

The buckle and bracket of this product are equipped with soft non-slip silicone, which will not damage your car and mobile phone, and can also play a role in shock absorption and anti-skid.

As long as the groove of this product is inserted into the pillar of the car seat, the installation is completed by pushing on the buckle, and there is no need to remove the headrest, which is very convenient.


Type: Car hook

Material: Plastic+ silicone