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This handcrafted folding wine table is a must-have for all wine lovers!
Perfect for outdoor wine festivals, family picnics, camping, beaches, or just a quiet night in your backyard!
This wine table is designed to provide you with a good glass of wine and delicious appetizers, fruits, or exotic delicacies. This table can be perfectly integrated into any interior space, not only at the dining table but also at the bar, on the rug by the fireplace, or the sofa. You can also take it for a picnic or to the beach.


Ideal for outdoors and indoors- You can enjoy an amazing bohemian picnic at the beach, lake, park, pool, forest, backyard, or a fun boat trip.
Compact: The compact size of the table allows you to take it with you to a picnic
Elegant ergonomic design: We have developed an ergonomic design for your comfort. The table is stable and easy to carry.
This functional design of this picnic table has 4 holes that can hold wine glasses, and a hole on the surface can be used to place wine glasses.
Not only the perfect gift for outdoor lovers but also the best gift for family and friends. This exquisite wine table is the perfect gift for weddings, mother’s day, valentine’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarming. It will surely amaze everyone.
Needs to be assembled

Material: Wood
Size: 39cm X 35cm X 15.50cm