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This wooden domino set can be used as a stacking and building toy. Different shapes can be created out of the chips, helping kids to enrich their imagination. Kids’ operational ability can be trained when they are having fun. Also, this may keep the kids playing with them for hours and create marvelous shapes without giving parents hard time.No screws, glue, nails or any other tool needed. They are just made of high quality 100% real wood. It will not do harm to your kids.


Domino is a rectangular wooden, bone or plastic. When playing dominoes at a certain pitch will be arranged in rows, gently knocked the first one domino, the rest of the dominoes will have a ripple effect, fall down. Dominoes is a game, domino is a movement, or a cultural domino. Its size, weight standards in accordance with the rules of the domino sport made for the professional game, similar to the butterfly effect.


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