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Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner:

– The Air Fryer is in almost every home. It has become our kitchen basic necessity and is the most used appliance in our busy life, but the hassle of cleaning that oil or messy fat residue after cooking is always a stressful part

– It brings about frustration and sometimes anger, but not anymore

– The Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner. Yes! This is a lifesaver. The Air Fryer Liner is trending and it has become a demanded product

– It is what every household has been waiting for. It is so simple to use. Just lay it in your air fryer add in your food and cook away. After use just throw away the liner and no cleaning. What a pleasure

– The Liner carries the mess. A problem solver. It can be used in the microwave, instant pot, oven and even for light baking.

– No more mess, no more cleaning. The Liner comes in a pack of 50 and it is disposable. The stress of always cleaning your air fryer is a thing of the past. – Each time you cook, just put in a new liner and you are sorted.

– The Liner is made of food-grade material. It is waterproof, oil-proof, non-stick and healthy. Does not affect the air circulation and does not affect the taste and cooking of your food.


– Do Not Use the Liner while Pre-Heating. Only use after Pre-Heating is completed

– Do Not Use the Liner without any food item in it as the air circulation will cause it to blow up towards the heating element


– Top diameter 20cm, Bottom diameter 16cm, Height 5cm

– Food Grade – Biodegradable

– Disposable

– 30 GSM (Grams per Square) Paper

– Suitable for 3L-6L Air Fryers

– Do Not Use the Liner while Pre-Heating. Only use after Pre-Heating is completed.

– Heat Resistant up to 220 C.

What’s in the box
100 x Disposable Paper Liners